Fighting COVID-19 with Zoono Microbe Shield Virus Protector

At the Melton Group we are always looking for new ways to keep you safe from an outbreak of COVID-19 and our NEW Zoono microbe shield protector uses the latest cleaning technology to provide ongoing protection. Zoono provides long lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeast in food manufacturing, and in critical hygiene environments such as in the healthcare sector.

So how does Zoono work?

Its unique technology bonds to surfaces and delivers persistent protection, even after regular washing or cleaning. It forms an invisible protective layer that actually attracts and kills organisms mechanically, working across a broad range of microbial contaminants, with up to 21 days of protection on surfaces. Working as a ‘belt and braces’ to Melton’s routine specialist cleaning, Zoono gives a level of protection not seen before in the industry.


Safety is our priority at Melton

Zoono is very safe to use as it is fully stable in water and does not self-condense. Using no methanol, acids or other solvents, it’s even safe to use in food areas and around food. As Zoono does not leach it forms a long-lasting covalent bond to any surface. We always recommend that Zoono is applied by a fully trained cleaning specialist to ensure the correct application and a pre-test on water sensitive surfaces is also recommended.


COVID-19 protection that doesn’t impact the environment

Environmentally benign and non-flammable, you can have peace of mind that your COVID-19 protection strategy has minimal impact on the environment too. Zoono is water-based and considered a “green” coating and is odourless. It can be applied via fogging, misting, spraying allowing for through coverage. Application is approximately 20-micron and the rate of application is approximately 1L of Zoono product for every100-150m2, with appropriate PPE worn.


Cost effective for long term usage.

Zoono is very economical to use as one single application lasts for up to 21 days and then reapplied to ensure optimum cover. It also has a long in-bottle shelf life, typically over a year and a half, so investing in Zoono will give you long term protection.


The Zoono product range now available at Melton, puts a whole new spin on protecting against COVID-19, helping safeguard lives but also ensuring you remain operating to your full potential.


If you would like to find out more about Zoono at the Melton Group, please contact us at 01684 565 187 or alternatively email

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