Providing Proactive and Reactive Support Services to Doctors Surgeries

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down with no part of the community unaffected by the devastating coronavirus. The primary healthcare sector has been the first line of defence in the battle to help reduce the transmission of the virus, but also maintain the standard of care for routine patient visits and procedures.

Medical centres, doctor’s surgeries and healthcare clinics have all had to adapt quickly, ensuring Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is a top priority with procedures for routine specialist cleaning. All primary healthcare setting shave had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape, including modifying building usage, but the Melton Group have been proud to provide proactive and reactive support in these very challenging times.


A healthy working environment for staff and a safe, trusted and welcoming setting for patients.


A COVID-19 safe environment starts with the safety of the staff who work in the building. It may sound very obvious but effective social distancing, sanitising, face coverings, temperature checks and a detailed cleaning schedule, reduces the risk of transmission in the building, between staff and patients. But it’s also the things that we don’t always think about that can pose the biggest risks, for example shared office equipment and kitchen facilities can create a breeding ground for transmission.


A recent project at a medical centre, involved the Melton Group creating and installing a protective perspex screen to provide a barrier between the reception staff and the patients waiting area. We worked with their existing reception desk and also installed a hatch that would open inwards and allow staff and patients to pass information back and forth without face to face contact. To make sure that patients can still be heard clearly we have also installed some holes so reception staff can understand what patients are saying. These have been placed away from the reception staff seating areas so they can hear but the patient is not directly in front of them or within their 2-metre space.


It has been well documented that patient numbers have dropped considerably since the outbreak of COVID-19 with the fear of contracting the virus at doctor’s surgeries a continuing problem. Although virtual appointments have been encouraged where possible, the most vulnerable in society can often slip through the gaps. Proactive safety measures such as specialist cleaning can help reduce the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19, increasing the confidence of patients to visit the surgery in a safe environment. Melton are continually being called onto provide advice on on-going cleaning regimes, as a proactive measure, but also in a reactive capacity if an outbreak occurs. Consultancy in IPC and deep cleaning services was recently deployed by Melton Group at a surgery in the Midlands when 14 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed. Devastated by the announcement, we have worked tirelessly with the surgery to bring the situation under control to ensure a safe and healthy environment going forward.


Long term efficiency and space usage

We are always thinking ahead and life beyond COVID too. Reducing the damage of existing structures and equipment within a surgery is very important. Working with doctors’ surgeries we have ensured their new screens have been constructed so that they can be removed at a later date if required, without damaging the existing reception desk.


We are committed to providing short-term reactive support and long-term proactive facilities support services to the primary healthcare sector, delivering the highest level of care. All of our staff are trained to the highest standard and dedicated to our quality standards. If you would like to find out how the Melton Group can help you create a healthy and safe environment, please contact us at 01684 565 187 or alternatively email

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