Melton Leads With Company COVID-19 Sick Pay Scheme

As many part time workers do not necessarily qualify for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), the Governments recent announcements with regards SSP have no positive affect on these workers. This leaves the more vulnerable in our society facing a terrible decision, whether to work and earn, or stay at home, unpaid and possibly end up in rent arrears with no food on the table.

The Melton Group, who are specialists in infection prevention and control in the Healthcare and Independent Schools sectors, recognised this potentially dangerous gap early in the pandemic and quickly implemented their own company COVID-19 Sick Pay Scheme to safeguard their valued staff, their families, clients, patients, pupils and the wider community.

Priding themselves on a strong caring culture, the Melton Group are specialists in creating and maintaining healthy environments and have worked tirelessly to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the Three Counties and Birmingham. Early in the pandemic, they recognised that some of their staff didn’t automatically qualify for SSP and felt this would drive them back to work thus increasing the spread of the virus. Melton instantly informed their staff, that if they suspected they had COVID-19, they must stay at home immediately. They eliminated the financial worry from their staff because they would be paid in full whilst off work, both during the testing process or isolating due to a positive test - providing they followed the rules and didn’t cause unnecessary spreading of the virus.

Melanie Baker, Founder and Managing Director of Melton Group explains, “I would never want to think of our staff having to make the awful decision whether or not they should go to work, knowing they could have suspected COVID-19. It’s not a position we want our team to be put in so that’s why we implemented our Company COVID-19 Sick Pay Scheme. They follow the track and trace system, and it has been well received by all parties. I know some employers would be perhaps concerned that the system could be open to abuse but for our business it’s further enhanced our positive, employee-focused culture.

She also adds, “By creating a healthy and caring environment for our staff, we also safeguard any risk of spreading the virus within our client’s premises, through our dedication to infection prevention and control. As we enter the autumn months with other seasonal illnesses added into the mix, reducing the spread of COVID-19 is even more important and the responsibility of everyone in society.”

The Health Secretary has now announced a new payment, starting 1st September, for people self-isolating in the highest risk areas. The Government which has been slow to respond, could already be responsible for many thousands of part-time or low-income workers, potentially acting as a host mechanism for spreading the virus. Indeed, there has been very little information in the news regarding financial assistance for employees who don’t automatically qualify for SSP, particularly during the pandemic. With further financial support available for the more vulnerable in society, we can further look to fight COVID-19 head-on.

For more information about Melton Group's new Company COVID-10 Sick Pay Scheme, please e-mail or alternatively call 01684 565 187.

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